You’ve decided to spruce up your home. While packing a big punch of impact, some of the easiest things to do include new paint and new flooring. So which should come first?

Ideally, the painting should be done before the new flooring, and there are some good reasons for this. While professional painters will always take care to protect all of your floors while doing their work, they may be able to save some time on the job in areas where the floors will be replaced during the same renovation. It is much easier to get the paint even and all the way to the bottom of the wall and baseboards when there is not as much concern about protecting the flooring that low.

Once your new flooring is installed, your professional painters can easily come back to touch up any areas that may have been scuffed or damaged during the installation. This is no big deal for them. Repairing or replacing flooring that has paint on it, however, is not as simple. Getting fresh paint perfect from the ceiling to the baseboards followed by brand new flooring is a sure way to give your home a quick and beautiful makeover on a reasonable budget.