Signs its Time to Repaint Your HomeKranenburg painting sarasota florida Exterior painting

Most homeowners can just look at their house and think – I should probably repaint. But there are signs to look for that should push you to action. Kranenburg Painting, Bee Ridge areas Professional Painters has listed some signs that tell you it’s time to repaint your home. 

The Paint Is Chipping and Peeling

This is the most obvious sign. Paint that is chipping and peeling leaves the surface of your house exposed to the elements and pests. Both of these elements can quickly damage and rot the wood or stucco of your home. The longer you leave it exposed the worse the damage. The worse the damage the more money you will have to spend on repairs.

The Color Has Changed or is Fading

Even a nice bright white can turn off white, grey or look dirty. Colors fade due to sun exposure and wind. This usually means that interior paint was used or the painter did not know what he was doing. All exterior paint should be resilient and withstand elements like UV rays. Exterior rated paint will also be able to withstand exposure to rain and harsh temperatures, while remaining intact. 

The Color is Outdated and Your Home Has No Curb AppealKranenburg painting sarasota florida Exterior painting

Maybe you purchased the home that way or you just didn’t make the right choice. Either way, you want to come home to a place you are proud of. It’s important to consult with expert painters who understand colors and how they work together. Also, the type of home you have and the image you are trying to project can come alive with the right color combination. 

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