Early this year, Kranenburg Painting introduced the #Blessed project, wherein the company gives back to deserving non-profit organizations by rendering free painting services.

The company is aware of how much struggle nonprofits face especially during these tough economic times which is why Cliff Kranenburg, owner and contractor, decided to start this project.

Learn More About #Blessed Project

The #Blessed Project allows nonprofits in desperate need of painting services to get it for free from Kranenburg Painting, Inc. The experts from Kranenburg Painting will visit the lucky non-profit organization recipient and see what can be done to its facility.

Cliff plans to partner with big organizations around Southwest Florida to help get paint products at a lesser cost or even for free.

How To Join the #Blessed Project

Give Back to NonProfit

Interested nonprofit organizations can get a chance to be chosen as the recipient by simply following these steps:

  1. Like our Facebook Fan Page

  2. Share our page on your page or timeline

It’s just that simple!

And The Nonprofit Is …

This month, Kranenburg Painting has finally chosen a recipient for the #Blessed project. It is no other than the Beacon House Mental Health Service Institution.

Get To Know Beacon House

Beacon House Mental Health Service Institution is located in Venice Florida. It is operated by psychologist Beacon House, from which the name of the institution came from. The institution focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. The psychologist uses various counseling skills and psychotherapy to improve the emotional and mental health of their clients.

Beacon House

The institution was chosen by owner Cliff Kranenburg to be the first-ever recipient of the #Blessed project because of the admiration it has on how Beacon House gives support to its clients. Beacon House offers support in a positive, caring and encouraging environment. “A facility that gives people second chances only deserves recognition”, the owner said.

Kranenburg Painting will post updates on the changes it will do to Beacon House, so stay tuned.

About Kranenburg Painting

Kranenburg Painting with Owner

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