When it comes to changing the color theme of our homes, we instantly think about repainting our walls and ceilings.

We tend to neglect the improvements custom painting our furniture can offer. By playing creative with paint, it is easy to add personality to your home at an affordable cost.

Priming furniture before repainting it.

Priming furniture before repainting the wooden bunk bed.

Advantages of Custom Furniture Painting

Repainting a wooden bunk bed.

Repainting a wooden bunk bed.

Having your pieces of furniture custom painted offers a lot of advantages:

  1. Custom painting your furniture gives it a new look. A fresh paint easily transforms old furniture into a valuable piece.
  2. It transforms a room without spending too much. For those who cannot afford completely repainting areas of your home, consider custom furniture painting. A splash of paint to a chair, cabinet, table, bookcase, or bunk bed can easily add personality and improve the look of any room without robbing off your savings.
  3. It makes your house look modern. Wooden furniture makes a home look rustic. If you want to transform your home from rustic to modern, custom furniture painting will do the job!

Need Custom Furniture Painting Services? Hire Kranenburg Painting

Do you have an old furniture you want to bring back to life? Or do you want to revamp your furniture but hate painting or just don’t have time to spare? Let Kranenburg Painting be your assistant!


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