Wallpaper Removal Services

wallpaper removal sarasotaIt can be tempting to try and remove your old wallpaper. However, wallpaper removal is often much more difficult than homeowners anticipate. Removing wallpaper is a multi-step procedure. If done incorrectly you can ruin the walls or make more work for yourself causing you to lose more time and money.  At Kranenburg we use several steps to correctly remove wallpaper:

  1. Room Prep – cover and protect floors, furniture and fixtures. Then we remove any loose wallpaper before we apply the solution to remove the glue. We like to do it this way to avoid too much moisture in the room.  We then apply DIF on the walls to reactivate any remaining glue and remove it.
  2. Once the walls are dry we can determine how much sanding, compound or skimming they need to get them back to a smooth paintable surface.
  3. Once the walls are in perfect condition we prime them and prepare them for new paint or wallpaper. 
  4. Then we clean up. Your walls are ready, primed and the room is back to the way it was before we started.

Why Hire Kranenburg  Painting to Remove Wallpaper?

  • You save time and money by avoiding setbacks you didn’t expect. 
  • Our skilled team will remove the wallpaper without damage or errors.
  • You can count on our fast, convenient service.
  • We do it all – if you need drywall repair and interior painting, we get it all done for you. 

Leave your wallpaper removal to Kranenburg for a fast, efficient and affordable job, well done.